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JERDY, H.; WERNECK, Max Rondon, SILVA, M. A.; RIBEIRO, R. B.; BIANCHI, M. P.; SHIMODA, E.; CARVALHO, E. C. Q. Pathologies of the digestive system caused by marine debris in Chelonia mydas. Marine Pollution Bulletin.. , v.116, p.192 – 195, 2017.



The growth of human population and deficient pollution control measures pose significant challenge to the environment. Despite conservation efforts, all sea turtle species are at some risk of extinction. The present study investigated the effect of marine debris on the gastrointestinal tract of green turtles in southeastern Brazil. Of the 777 animals evaluated, 290 showed marine debris in one segment of the gastrointestinal tract. The presence of these materials in the gastrointestinal tract may be harmful, independent of the segment involved, and increases the risk of impaction. Marine debris has become a significant hazard to Chelonia mydas in the region surveyed, causing perforation, rupture, or fecal impaction that, when not treated, is potentially fatal, exposing the intestine to bacterial infection.

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